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Brianna Bell

Telling real stories that engage, inspire, and empower

Brianna Zerafa Bell, known professionally as Brianna Bell, is a Canadian freelance journalist with a decade of experience writing for national and international publications.

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‘It’s just thick with abuse’: Inside the online reckoning of underground church Two by Twos

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Learning cursive might not be a waste of time after all

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20 Spellbinding Books About Witches That’ll Enchant Adults and Teens Alike

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I'll never be a 'type a' mom, and that's okay

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Why pastors should not be counselling their parishoners

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Thoughtful look

Watching the Duggar documentary on Amazon Prime has ripped open old wounds

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I visit local bookstores on every trip I take—here’s why you should too

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Scammers target East Palestine

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